Hey guys, I’ve got BIG news. Art of the Kickstart will be undergoing so big, super helpful crowdfunder changes in the next couple weeks so I hope your excited and ready to rock. More in next episode. For now let’s look at software, the conundrum app founders face, why crowdfunding can kill software dreams and how to help stubborn app startups succeed with Kickstarter!

Key Crowdfundings Software Takeaways

  • Why app and software projects almost never fund via crowdfunding
  • How backers view apps and how to overcome objects
  • Why I’d almost never recommend Kickstarter to create a cool new software startup
  • How to add value with reward tiers to make the inexpensive appear premium
  • What early adopters and early access can mean for a software startup
  • The big mistake technical founders make when working to launch via crowdfunding
  • Why focusing efforts can make the difference between crowdfunded app successes and failures
  • The role of complementary products in pushing campaign success
  • Why Silicon Valley seems a better route for most high growth tech startups

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