It’s GRIDIRON Gameday time with an NFL hardware product pushing sports experience and fandom to the next level with Kickstarter creativity. Today fans and founders join the show to share the 2 year journey creating and testing a cool new sports app-enabled device and drop insight into what it takes to succeed and persevere with tech.

The Referee Ralph Kickstarter Campaign

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How cofounders can start a project with a simple idea
  • Challenges creating hardware/software tech startups
  • What it takes to crowdfund a sports related business
  • How to focus on customer discovery to discover which features are vital to success
  • What to do when you NEED product development and technical help
  • Why product development always takes longer than expected
  • The reason Kickstarter marketing is critical before launching
  • How to decide what works and what doesn’t with development
  • Why videos are critical to crushing a crowdfunding campaign



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