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With thousands of website visitors and podcast listeners, Art of the Kickstart is the premier place to advertise if you’re looking to to be noticed by crowdfunding enthusiasts and Kickstarter or Indiegogo project creators.

When you choose to advertise with Art of the Kickstart, you’ll be focusing your advertising budget on reaching an audience that is already interested in crowdfunding and is more likely to become a customer. The guests we interview all have large followings that become listeners once the podcast is shared, which means we’re constantly adding new listeners. We’ll help you target a premium audience at attractive rates to give you a high ROI.

Plus, you’ll be taking advantage of evergreen marketing – our listeners download older episodes all the time, so your sponsorship will constantly be heard by news ears.

Art of the Kickstart is growing quickly, and we’re looking to add a limited number of sponsors and on-site advertisers. Get in touch today to get started.

When you choose to advertise with us, we’ll help you select from the following options:

  • A mention in a podcast and a permanent link in the accompanying blog post
  • A dedicated post about your company with a permanent link
  • Banner ads

Pricing varies depending on your advertising needs. Advertising slots are limited and packages start at $250.

Art Of The Kickstart Advertising Packages & Pricing

Contact us for more information.

Our Numbers

If you’re as into data as we are, you may be looking for hard numbers before committing to advertising with us. Here is a deeper look into our metrics:

  • 5,000+ average monthly downloads (since October 2015)
  • 5,000+ average monthly sessions
  • 1,600+ newsletter subscribers
  • 4+ episodes a month

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your listeners?

Art of the Kickstart listeners are crowdfunding enthusiasts, Kickstarter and Indiegogo project creators, entrepreneurs and startup gurus.

What sponsorship options are available?

We offer a number of packages containing some or all of the following:

  • A mention in a podcast and a permanent link in the accompanying blog post
  • Banner ads
  • A sponsored blog post with a permanent link
How much does it cost to advertise with Art of the Kickstart?

Packages start at $250.

How is sponsored content created?

Generally, we’ll ask you to send us a few talking points, and we’ll craft compelling, optimized copy about you or your company, then send it over for approval before publishing it. For banner ads and sponsored posts, we may ask you to provide us with content and creatives.

How many sponsors do you work with at a time?

In general, we try to stick to around 3 sponsorships at a time, but we may work with more depending on what sponsorship options we have available.

Who have been your previous sponsors?

We’ve worked with many companies, including The Gadget Flow and eFulfillment Service.

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