Today German triathlete and sports tech founder Sebastian shares the 6 year story growing and scaling an athletics apparel company, the ups and downs and their crowdfunding campaign experience thus far. Runners and sports startup guys beware, this guy is taking action and it’s time to take it to the next level.

The HippZip Kickstarter Campaign

HippZip Kickstarter Funding Amount

Success Quote

“Go Big or Go Home.”


Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • What can happen when you take a big risk on a decision decision
  • Challenges existing businesses have when attempting to crowdfund a project
  • When it is time to think about expanding an existing product line
  • How to slowly, steadily build a profitable sports company without a lot of cash
  • What to do when your company is in too narrow of a niche
  • The big mistake most every Kickstarter makes when it comes to marketing
  • Why the middle of a crowdfunding campaign is always a grind and how to overcome it
  • The value of innovation in product launches
  • Why an awesome Kickstarter video can’t necessarily nail the entire funding process
  • What big companies know that startups need to catch up on to compete




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