Learn to turn a simple, non-tech product into a serious crowdfunding success and how to get EPIC backer engagement and viral sharing with this under utilized strategy for maximum network exposure. FlipBand’s hacks are busting out the psychological perspective of sales, success and building businesses and certainly worth tuning in to kickstart your company growth.

FLIP BAND: Simple way to STICK TO ANY GOAL — 100% Tech-Free

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Kickstarter Hacks Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How to simple product into a productivity hacking business success
  • Why testimonials creating a sales environment that spurs startup success
  • How to successfully showcase product functionality with GIFs and great copy
  • The pictures puts use cases and backer behavior in an entirely related light
  • Why any Kickstarter, not just an awesome tech gadget can still may marketing and media waves
  • The psychology of psychology and how to turn it into campaign success
  • Why businesses rooted in science should showcase actual facts
  • How to turn simple products into awesome rewards
  • The number one social media virality trick to get shares and grow your Kickstarter organically

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