Looking to find incredible startup success post-Kickstarter? Synek System raised an ridiculous $650k, here’s the story after crowdfunding of creating a powerful, partner focused distribution network and pitfalls to avoid post-funding. We cover pivots, partnership strategies and long term visions to uncover the secret maintaining momentum and business success after crushing your Kickstarter campaign…enjoy.

The Synek Kickstarter Campa

Synek Kickstarter Funding

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • What happens after a successful Kickstarter campaign
  • How to find effective post-Kickstarter partners to work with
  • The challenges of rapid growth after crowdfunding
  • Why entrepreneurs ought to explore the B2B market
  • The way create strategies and pivot points for a startup
  • Why large scale growth requires niched down
  • One incredible way to get backers involved in the company after your campaign
  • Why small commitments turn into profitable partnerships and sales
  • They dynamic of multi-mission companies and follow-up Kickstarter campaigns
  • How to keep backers in the loop
  • Why startups are anything but glamorous
  • How to eat, sleep, live and love your company


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