How do you take a proven product and pivot, expand and enter new markets? Today Ecofarm founders Alex and Nacho are sharing their startup story inspired by American aquaponics and crowdfunding to create a similar sustainability focused success. If you’ve ever considered a cofounder we dig into the dynamics of business partners and best practices for finding a suitable startup teammate.

The Ecofarm Kickstarter Campaign

Ecofam Kickstarter Funding

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Why your first idea is never your best
  • How to find cofounders for your startup to succeed
  • The reason it’s challenging to build a crowdfunding business while based in Europe
  • Why entrepreneurs and individuals with different perspectives create a strong combination
  • The way to pivot products and ideas from other markets to match your target
  • Why founder fit is critical to startup success
  • The challenges of VC funding and how crowdfunding can create proven traction
  • How to effectively combine form and function
  • What the best way to create and perfect product design
  • How and where the sustainability focused movement of urban farming is taking people

Success Quotes

  • “Make the life of the people better.”


Awesome Books

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

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