In this episode of Art of the Kickstart we interview Eric Clifton of Orison, a plug-and-play home energy storage system. Join us as we learn more about the inspiration behind the project, how he launched it on Kickstarter and the future of energy.

Orison – Rethink the Power of Energy

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • The inspiration behind Orison
  • Working through regulatory hurdles during a crowdfunding campaign
  • How far in advance creators need to start PR efforts
  • The importance of determining messaging and branding before your campaign begins
  • Tips for preparing your campaign updates ahead of time
  • How new use cases and new markets can be discovered through a crowdfunding campaign
  • How to determine what comes next for your campaign
  • How a campaign for a for-profit company can also lead to non-profit work
  • Eric’s take on the future of crowdfunding


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