Crowdfunding creators, welcome back to Kickstarter Hacks. Today we’re case studying an incredibly successful hardware, software fusion company by taking on Cobi, the company that is killing it with futuristic bike tech. This is one of the most comprehensive, informative and well done Kickstarter campaigns I have ever seen. Tune in to learn startup personality strategies worth stealing and how to be over the top in the beautiful benefits your product offers.

COBI. World’s Smartest Connected Biking System

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The Question of the Day!

“Matt I’ve heard you talk about this all the time, but what the best way to set the mood with Kickstarter music?” -Paige in Sydney, Australia

In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • How music affects buyer behavior
  • Ways to target early adopters at the forefront of technology
  • Why past business success set the standard and builds trust with backers
  • How to use usage shots to showoff your product
  • Why biking is an international industry and you need to focus on that
  • The power of stretch goals in pushing crowdfunding success further
  • Why more is merrier when it comes to infographics
  • How to showcase benefits to boost backer engagement
  • The reason too long can kind of bore backers to death
  • What to do with multiversion products
  • Why including extra information can be helpful
  • The best method ever to put personality in your bio

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