From near death experience to incredible entrepreneur Chris Landano is a hardworking inventor with an awesome crowdfunding story. Today’s talk centers around the importance of surrounding yourself with inventors, innovators and business builders and how absolutely anyone with the guts to try can become an accomplished product creator. Check out TrakBelt360’s crowdfunding case study here as well!

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Why near death experiences can create incredible business ideas
  • The reason loyalty is critical in entrepreneurship
  • How keep a cool head in uncontrollable situations
  • The importance of patents and IP in invention
  • How to use intellectual property to protect an invention
  • Why inventors are just problem solvers without realizing
  • The reason mentors are critical to startups
  • Why you need to join a mastermind or get around experienced entrepreneurs
  • How to research relevant products to pinpoint patenting
  • The challenges of prototyping and building products
  • Organizations that help inventors create physical products
  • The ways crowdfunding helps entrepreneurship unlike ever before
  • How to get manufacturing and production going
  • The challenges of Kickstarter delays and overseas manufacturing
  • Why licensing isn’t always the best option for startups
  • What a coach can do to help entrepreneurs succeed

Success Quotes

  • Integrity. Honesty. Loyalty.


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