Vinod Nair of Sofft is striking out on his own with Sofft, a clothing and laundry startup selling a magical solution to the mayhem of stains. In a killer Kickstarter campaign for a superhero softener the company showcased a sexy product pitch video and made backers buy in to the awesomeness. We cover how to sexy unsexy products, the challenges of startup success and why patents protect inventors.

The Sofft Kickstarter Campaign

Sofft Kickstarter Stats

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How to turn your hobby into your business
  • Why you must do what you love as an entrepreneur
  • How to use data to make decisions as an entrepreneur
  • The massive difference between big businesses and startups
  • How to create a killer Kickstarter team with a cofounder
  • When it is time to jump ship as a founder
  • How turn a cool patent into a profitable business
  • Why materials companies need funding and IP to succeed
  • What goes into making a mundane product magical
  • Selling a solution to incredibly widespream problems
  • Why incredible campaigns do not go viral
  • The challenges of selling in unappealing industries
  • What you need to do validate product-market fit
  • How demo products can dominate post-Kickstarter

Success Quotes

  • “Do what you truly love. It’s better to fail doing what you love than to fail what you don’t love of doing” -Jim Carrey

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