Our Kickstarter campaign of choice today is the inventive hardware and software startup Sunn Light who are crushing Kickstarter with a crowdfunding campaign creating a happier, healthier lighting environment for backers everywhere. Today’s episode covers pain points, product demos and devastatingly beautiful time lapse photography. Hope it helps someone out there launch an incredible invention. Keep the questions coming, love the engagement guys!

The Sunn Light | Bring the Sun Indoors

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The Question of the Day!

“When is the Kickstarter video you create for your project is enough and when do you want to create more product showcase or founder videos?” Kevin from Oklahoma

In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • How to maximize the effectiveness of Kickstarter videos
  • Why campaign engagement is critical in crowdfunding success
  • Why simplistic Kickstarter videos can crush it
  • How to showcase the pain points and benefits of a product throughout your camp
  • Why you need to show customers exactly how your product works and showcase research
  • The importance eco-friendly and how to sell it
  • Why you should show recommendations on innovative products
  • Ways to eliminate barriers to product adoption
  • How to hit a homerun with an easily understood infographic
  • The reason founder fun sells success
  • How crush your Kickstarter call to action
  • Why experts always add value to a campaign

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