Today we’re breaking down a rocking remote Kickstarter campaign. The guys at SPIN Remote have designed an incredibly innovative and minimalistic take on the modern remote and we’re going smart home tech and how to make it happen with your crowdfunding campaign. If you’re considering launching a killer campaign completely geared towards sexy, futuristic products and plan to come out with a bang then this Kickstarter Case Study is worth tuning in to.

SPIN remote – The simplest remote ever.

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The Question of the Day!

“When does it make sense to build a demo based Kickstarter video without words?” -Sarah from Texas

In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • How to effective demonstrate and showcase a product on Kickstarter
  • Ways to make a futuristic product push the viral button
  • Why minimalist product design dominates on crowdfunding
  • How to put more personality into your campaign
  • Why branding and experience are everything in startup success
  • The importance explaining incredible technology
  • Why some sexy infographics still fall short
  • Ways to showcase the ease of use to inspire early adopters
  • How to put personality and uniqueness in a Kickstarter exclusive
  • Why founders shouldn’t feel like robots
  • How telling your story sells the company as a whole

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