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Today we’re doing crowdfunding craziness. Zack Miller of OurCrowd, a powerful Israeli based crowdequity platform’s co-hosting in a sense the Art of the Kickstart. We’re working to uncover the key differences between reward crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding to create a better understanding among inventors and entrepreneurs out there about the best strategies for business success. Hope our interesting chat in which I ask a couple too many questions creates some super startups!

Our Crowd – Israeli Crowdequity

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • What you need to know about crowdequity funding
  • How big business is changing the game of crowdfunding
  • Why equity crowdfunding is taking off outside the US
  • How to know when business are worth investing in
  • Why equity crowdfunding is pretty complex to consider
  • What goes into business investing and due diligence
  • Why equity crowdfunding can act as accelerator for startups
  • The way to leverage crowdfunding for venture capital
  • Why equity crowdfunding is more geared to B2B businesses
  • The reason founders matter more than the actual idea
  • Why crowdequity creates mutual goals for investors
  • The risk in equity crowdfunding
  • How to decide between equity and rewards based crowdfunding campaigns
  • Why crowdequity platforms need to show more traction to succeed


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