Merry Christmas Eve Eve my incredibly epic crowdfunding creators. Today we’re bring back Kickstarter Hacks(sorry no Santa) and showcasing an awesome inventor product pitch. Cinch is a Kickstarter company creating the next gen pop up tent and teaches you exactly how to put passion and personality into an awesome product pitch for your campaign.

Meet Cinch!– The ultimate pop-up tent with solar power & LED

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The Question of the Day!

…we didn’t have one! I’ll give you guys a pass though cause it’s almost Christmas and hopefully you’re spending the holidays with your friends and family.

  • How to demo a product better than Billy Mays
  • Why really focusing on the founder can be a powerful plan for Kickstarter
  • What a well executed call to action actually sounds like on crowdfunding
  • How to put a unique and sexy spin on typical specs and infographics
  • Why options are awesome for products and backers
  • The reason specs sheets get a bit boring
  • Why building a passion project is perfect for Kickstarter
  • How to make media mentions look a little more credible
  • The reason rewards infographics ought to have pictures
  • How to hit a homerun with your startup timeline
  • Why international shipping is a hassle and how to overcome it
  • How to be extremely open, honest and success in a crowdfunding campaign

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