What happens after a successful Kickstarter campaign? What’s the best way to deal with order fulfillment and expanding a business and brand once you fund? Today Michael Finizio is back to share Fonde’s post-Kickstarter strategies to retail and ecommerce based success. If manufacturing and scaling up are your thing, this interview should help your startup grow.

Where Are They Now – Fonde Ravioli Roller’s 1st Interview

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • What happens after a successful Kickstart campaign
  • How to figure out where post-Kickstarter customers are coming from
  • Why funding above and beyond expectations can be detrimental to startup success
  • The reason you should plan for success before launch
  • Why automation procedures can drastically speed up manufacturing production
  • When is it time to call it quits on the day job
  • Why crowdfunding can create incredible post-campaign momentum
  • What goes into wholesaling to retail stores
  • Why NYC is a challenging place to bootstrap a start
  • The reason retail can overwhelm any entrepreneur
  • How crowdfunding can create startup TV exposure
  • The reason a day job can hold a business back
  • How backer rewards and options can create a logistical nightmare for fulfillment
  • Why crowdfunding creates a unique opportunity for additional product development



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