What is Ministry of Supply? How have they been able to successfully crowdfund several apparel projects? What lessons can you learn from their challenges and breakthroughs? On this episode, you’ll hear from Ministry of Supply’s President and Co-Founder, Gihan Amarasiriwardena. In our conversation, Gihan describes Ministry of Supply’s current project, why they decided to work with textiles, challenges faced along the way, how they’ve incorporated customer feedback, advice for innovators and so much more! Discover the lessons and insights that you can come away with on this exciting episode featuring Gihan!

Feeding the desire to innovate.

How does an innovative idea like a heated jacket get to the marketplace? What sort of company takes that experimental and out-of-the-box approach? On this episode, you’ll hear about Ministry of Supply from their President and Co-Founder, Gihan Amarasiriwardena. Gihan has a personal thread of innovation that runs all the way back to his childhood experience as a Boy Scout. This desire to take risks and innovate shows up in his work with Ministry of Supply and their boldness to create products like the first intelligent heated jacket. Learn more about Gihan’s story and what Ministry of Supply is up to on this episode!

Valuing feedback from backers.

What can an organization do to build trust with their consumers? How can they signal to their fans that they want to adapt their products due to the feedback they receive? At Ministry of Supply, it comes down to looking back at past campaigns and products to learn from customer feedback on what worked and what needed to be improved upon. They’ve clearly resonated with their supporters to the point where 3/4ths of their current backers are repeat backers from previous projects they’ve launched. Learn more about Ministry of Supply and how they are making an impact on the crowdfunding scene by listening to this episode!

Advice for innovators who want to work on apparel projects.

While the apparel industry is difficult enough, why would someone want to combine the at times temperamental industry, with the challenges and pressures of crowdfunding? On this episode, Gihan Amarasiriwardena shares his advice for innovators and entrepreneurs who are looking to shake things up with an apparel project. While it wasn’t easy, Gihan points to the ability to interface with consumers and adapt their supply accordingly as a top advantage to crowdfunding an apparel project. Getting a strong sense of consumer demand can make or break a startup’s chances for success. What additional advice does Gihan have for startups? Find out on this engaging episode!  

How to garner good media coverage.

What does it take to garner positive media coverage for crowdfunding projects? Is there a script to follow or does it all come down to blind luck? On this episode, you’ll hear from Ministry of Supply’s Gihan Amarasiriwardena as he goes over how they’ve been able to attract good media coverage on their crowdfunding campaign. Part of the reason why Ministry of Supply has been able to court positive media coverage is due to the fact that they are hitting on a trending topic – wearable technology. As much as an advantage that has been, Gihan stresses the importance of having several “Storylines” for your product or brand that you can lean on or highlight at any given time. Learn more about Ministry of Supply’s approach to media coverage on this informative episode!

Key Takeaways

  • [1:30] Gihan Amarasiriwardena joins the podcast to discuss Ministry of Supply’s heated jacket, Mercury.
  • [3:20] Gihan talks about his first crowdfunding campaign.
  • [4:40] How did Gihan get into textiles? What challenges has he run into?
  • [6:50] Lesson learned from several crowdfunding campaigns.
  • [8:30] Incorporating feedback from customers.
  • [10:20] Tips for creators looking for good media coverage.
  • [12:00] Advice for innovators interested in crowdfunding an apparel project.
  • [13:30] Gihan enters the Launch Round.
  • [15:20] How to connect with Gihan and Ministry of Supply.


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