Private labeling’s a powerful way to build a business…but will it work for crowdfunding campaigns? Can creativity and hardwork be shortcut on Kickstarter to create success and what do you NEED to know about the future of ecommerce as it’s unfolding today.

A Private Label Fallacy Around Crowdfunding

  • What is the “essence” of crowdfunding and how knowing that can help you fund your campaign
  • Why certain projects and startups succeed where others fail
  • The reason private label is powerful for Amazon and AWFUL for crowdfunding
  • How to use Amazon fulfillment and FBA tactics to sell more products sooner
  • Why storytelling and startup history are critical to Kickstarter
  • The reason crowdfunding IS NOT A MAKE MONEY ONLINE STRATEGY
  • How Kickstarters can grow and scale with Amazon and other channels
  • What you need to know NOW about Amazon and business growth
  • The Indiegogo with ultimately defeat Kickstarter
  • Why creation and innovation are critical to success
  • How some channels are specific to certain audiences

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