Wow. Here’s an action packed, informative, futuristic episode and product. Founders Daniel and Navi share all plus Roy Morejon of Command Partners, the crowdfunding guy who’ll be taking over Art of the Kickstart is on and it’s an exciting, fast paced episode any crowdfunder will love.

The RevolsKickstarter Campaign

Success Quote

“Go Big or Go Home” -Daniel

“Never pay retail” – Roy

“In a startup your job is whatever needs to be done” – Navi

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Why friends can make perfect founders
  • Calculating risk and demand
  • How to bouncing ideas builds a business
  • Why there’s a mountain of work pre-Kickstarter
  • What goes into building a solid team
  • Why inventors need pre-crowdfunding cash
  • The effect of living China
  • How accelerators aid designers and entrepreneurs
  • What you NEED to know about manufacturers
  • When to start setting up a Kickstarter
  • Why China can super speed iterations and changes
  • The reason surrounding yourself with winners is vital
  • Why partnerships with corporations can make the difference
  • The power of proof
  • How to get press hits and success
  • Why risky behavior builds the success
  • Ways to replicate success
  • What it takes to deliver product on time
  • How to communicate and plan projects with manufacturer
  • Planning a proper funding goal and deliver
  • The power of reassurance in purchases and conversions


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