How do you take a product like sheer tights and market them on a successful crowdfunding campaign? What is it that makes this type of product so unique that it creates a passionate following? On this episode, Natalie Catania joins the podcast to discuss Sheerly Genius’ Indestructible Sheer Tights. In our conversation, Natalie explains how the materials used really set these tights apart from the rest, why Sheerly Genius went the crowdfunding route, the biggest surprise from the campaign, why they decided to partner with Enventys Partners and so much more! You don’t want to miss a minute of this eye-opening episode.

Bulletproof tights?

What is one way to make sheer tights stand out? Make them bulletproof! Sheerly Genius has developed the world’s first pair of indestructible sheers using their proprietary Sheertex yarn which has been developed from the same fiber used in bulletproof vests. While Sheertex tights were created with the same type of materials used in bulletproof vests, the end product is not in itself bulletproof. Imagine how versatile and useful these indestructible tights can be! Listen to this episode to hear from Natalie Catania as she goes into further detail about Sheertex tights and their origin story.

The decision to bring sheer tights to the crowdfunding community.

Why did Sheerly Genius decide to launch their Sheertex Indestructible Sheer Tights through crowdfunding? Wouldn’t it have been easier to market them with a more traditional model? On this episode, you’ll hear from Natalie Catania as she explains why Sheerly Genius went the crowdfunding route. Natalie points to her personal experience with successful crowdfunding campaigns as one of the reasons she made this decision. In addition, Natalie mentions that the passion and enthusiasm of the crowdfunding community made it a great place to introduce a new product to the marketplace. Hear more about this topic by listening to this engaging episode!

Leveraging social media to maximize product exposure.

How can social media help a brand connect with consumers and ignite a passionate following? Is there one platform that works better than others? Which one provides the best return on investment when it comes to time, energy and resources spent? In our conversation, Natalie Catania opens up about her perspective as Sheerly Genius’ community manager. According to Natalie, Facebook has proven itself as the most valuable social media platform due to the fact that they get more engagement and comments from fans than any other channel. Get more helpful insights from Natalie by listening to this exciting episode!

The decision to collaborate with Enventys Partners.

How can startup entrepreneurs and brands make the most of their crowdfunding campaigns? Are there services out there that can help leaders and innovators go further by allowing them to focus on their strengths and minimize their weaknesses? On this episode, Natalie Catania touches on the reason why Sheerly Genius connected with Enventys Partners to help with their marketing efforts. At the end of the day, it came down to communication and commitment for the Sheerly Genius team. Because they were able to connect with and trust the Enventys Partners team, the Sheerly Genius team felt confident that they’d be able to focus on all other aspects of getting their sheer tights to market. Learn more about Sheerly Genius and their decision to connect with Enventys Partners on this informative episode.

Key Takeaways

  • [1:10] Natalie Catania joins the podcast to talk about Indestructible Sheer Tights.
  • [2:40] How did Sheerly Genius come up with the materials to use in their tights?
  • [4:30] Why was crowdfunding the right means to launch?
  • [5:55] Which online platform provides the most ROI? What is driving sales?
  • [7:20] The biggest surprise with this crowdfunding campaign and feedback from backers.
  • [8:50] Why did Sheerly Genius decide to partner with Enventys Partners?
  • [9:50] Natalie enters the Launch Round.
  • [11:30] How to connect with Sheerly Genius.


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