NFC and biker safety are the focus of today’s entrepreneurial interview when David Werner, founder of Third Eye Design joins the show to share the challenges of consumer product design and bringing a motorcycle protective technology to market. During our chat we also delve into the arena of pivots, military tech and the power of patents to fuel Kickstarter success.

The HelSTAR Kickstarter Campaign

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How to turn your passion into an innovative business
  • Why nearly traumatic events can galvanize individuals into entrepreneurship
  • How to solve large safety issues
  • What goes into product testing for motorcycle products
  • The power of patents in building a Kickstarter campaign
  • Why some technology gets crushed by colossal companies
  • The future of near field communication in tech development
  • How unexpected pivots can happen in tech companies
  • Why large campaign goals can crush Kickstarter success
  • The cost of tech product development
  • How to find well connected founders
  • Ways to get incredible media coverage
  • The power of integrity in business


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