Today in Crowdfunding Case Studies we’re diving deep into the effects of Kickstarter storytelling and how startups can use the powerof purpose to succeed in crowdfunding. So let’s jump into what it takes to make a crowdfunding campaign appeal to backers and connect with their inner early adopter mentality. PS. Sorry guys but no video this episode. Had some issues come up and couldn’t get it out on time ūüôĀ

The Question of the Day!

“I hear you say story is really important all the time in building a Kickstarter, but what if your product doesn’t have a great story?” -Nick in Thailand

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In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • What to do if your product doesn’t have a great story
  • How¬†to get outside the startup blinders and see the whole of your business
  • Why telling the story of your startup¬†and idea is incredibly powerful
  • How to¬†turn a bad situation into a business opportunity
  • Why¬†testimonials transform backers into buyers
  • How to add a cool factor to your campaign
  • The power of pictures everyone can understand
  • Why¬†aesthetic design¬†is critical in clothes campaigns
  • Ways to explain the product to make it appealing
  • The reason you should showcase the startup pictures to make it personal
  • How to use the high value rewards to make money for your business

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