Crowdfunding kickes ass…but what happens next? Funding and focus and are needed to grow and scale your startup and without a proper plan to build and succeed, your business is sure to stagnate and fail. So, let’s talk post-Kickstarter ecommerce, Amazon, retail and IP to really boost the odds of long term, profitable success for your startup…

Sound good?

Post Kickstarter Business Basics Covered

  • Why ecommerce is an easy transition from crowdfunding to fully fledged business
  • How buyer and traffic channels can rapidly accelerate the startup growth curve
  • Why I’d almost ALWAYS recommend product entrepreneurs put effort into Amazon sales
  • How to use Amazon fulfillment and FBA tactics to sell more products sooner
  • What entrepreneurs ought to know about the challenges and payoffs of retail sales
  • The reason big box stores still DOMINATE the retail market
  • Why Kickstarter creators should plan for the future before pushing out campaigns
  • What I think about dropshipping and what early entrepreneurs NEED to know now
  • The role of licensing and IP in invention and business
  • Why Silicon Valley and venture capital create interesting options for tech crowdfunded startups
  • How some startups sell out for big bucks FAST
  • What it takes to build a successful, scaleable product company post-Kickstarter

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