Startups and entrepreneurs are enhancing cognitive performance and business success like never before. Today Smart Drug Smarts founder Jesse Lawler joins to share the evolution of nootropics, hacks to boost mental performance, predictions on wearables, tech and the quantified self movement and much more. Sci-Fi startup time…

Success Quotes

“When going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill

Smart Drugs and Entrepreneur Upleveling

  • Why entrepreneurs need to keep going and changing
  • Ways past job experiences push us in other directions
  • How to get people and employees charged up
  • Building up to 17 employees and overcoming your weaknesses
  • How find a cofounder to complement your skill set
  • What are noootropics and how are people using supplements to boost performance
  • The taboo effect outside the norm productivity
  • L-Theanine – Coffee without the jitters!
  • Fish Oils – Boost your brain!
  • The importance of diet in long term health and success
  • How drugs research into preventing Alzheimers create neuro-enhancers today
  • Where smart drugs are going in the future
  • How wearables and quantified self are exponential evolving
  • Will technology create a “new race” of humans

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