Athletic brothers opening the Internet of Things and hardware tracking to sports performance and hydration. Trago’s already funded their Kickstarter and working the marketing and PR to push high tech performance and customer focused creativity onward. Tune in for mistakes with the media, email marketing strategies and ways to fund fast!

The Trago Kickstarter Campaign

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Success Quote

“The job is never done until the tools are put up.”

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • The dynamics and benefits of building a business with the family
  • How the environment inspires startup tech product ideas
  • Why sports affect startups
  • What the biggest hardware product challenges and how to deal with them
  • When founders NEED to bring in outside experts
  • Ways DIY are transforming prototype products – 3D printing!
  • The benefits and powers of entrepreneurial hubs
  • Move forward or die, the importance of progression to perfection
  • How to control aspirations to not get overwhelmed – too many startup opinions
  • High profile testimonials and how to get them
  • The importance of understanding customer needs, not ideals
  • What research shows for product design and market validation
  • Why multiple mentors are better than one
  • How to time press pitches for better campaign coverage
  • Strategies to hack list building launches



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