Have you ever tried to figure out how to fix your posture? Maybe you’ve had a few trips to the chiropractor to get an adjustment or to find some relief for your back or neck pain. What if there was a way to fix your posture by merely changing the chair you sit on each day? David France and Clint Wright join the podcast to talk about their fantastic innovation, Workhorse Saddle Chairs. In their conversation with Roy, David and Clint open up about where the idea for saddle chairs came from, why they decided to launch with so many variations, how they’ve responded to feedback from backers, and much more. You don’t want to miss a minute of this engaging episode featuring Workhorse Saddle Chairs!

Why we need better posture.

With the rise of standing desks and balance ball chairs, people with desk jobs are starting to take notice of the long-term adverse effects of sitting all day. Have you experimented with any of these tools? Studies have found that over time, regular chairs can cause the spine to degenerate causing back, shoulder and neck pain. Muscle imbalance is also created causing strain, ache and weakness. Pain, headaches, digestive and respiratory symptoms can follow, and patients can suffer depression as life is severely impacted. With all these effects, it’s no wonder people are willing to try anything to keep their bodies healthy!

What is a Workhorse Saddle Chair?

Personally observing the ill effects of sitting on a regular chair, David France, chiropractor and founder of WSC, brainstormed and designed the Workhorse Saddle Chair concept from a personal, direct experience…to help fund his education, he worked with horses. Through Dr. France’s riding and anatomical and Chiropractic studies, he discovered that when people sit in a saddle, the body assumes an ideal spinal position. After many years of research and prototyping, he came up with his final concept for the Workhorse Saddle Chair. These innovative chairs have a unique, contoured saddle shape that will keep your spine in the perfect seated position. Make sure to check out their Kickstarter page located in the resources section at the end of this post!

Creating multiple options.

It is rare to find a crowdfunded piece of furniture go to launch with multiple variations. What led David France and his team to roll out not just one but seven different models of the Workhorse Saddle Chair? As they developed the WSC concept, they quickly realized that multiple applications and contexts need a custom chair design. By adding several versions of the WSC, David and his team could also provide a range of price points that would appeal to a more significant segment of their target audience. Rest assured, whatever your application, there is a Workhorse Saddle Chair that will get you well on your way to fixing your posture.

Lessons learned in crowdfunding a unique chair.

One of the best ways to set your crowdfunded product up for success is by creating an engaging video. David France and his team gave it their best effort and ended up with a compelling and convincing campaign video for the Workhorse Saddle Chair. In addition to launching with a good video highlighting their product, they also launched a product in a very niche category. The truth is, there aren’t many chairs on Kickstarter or crowdfunding platforms in general that address the critical need that the Workhorse Saddle Chair does. Learn more about David and Clint’s experience with crowdfunding their product by listening to this fascinating episode!

Key Takeaways

  • [1:05] David France joins the podcast to talk about Workhorse Saddle Chairs.
  • [3:05] How did David come up with the different saddle chair designs?
  • [5:30] Clint Wright talks about pre-launch marketing efforts.
  • [8:15] What made the campaign video resonate with people?
  • [10:45] Why did they launch with so many variations for the saddle chair?
  • [12:20] Responding to feedback from backers.
  • [16:00] Why did David and Clint decide to partner with Enventys?
  • [17:20] Lessons learned from the crowdfunding experience.
  • [20:20] David enters the Launch Round, rapid-fire questions.
  • [23:30] Why you should check out Workhorse Saddle Chairs.


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