Former lawyer and serial entrepreneur John Galley joins the Art of the Kickstart today to talk shop about starting a Kickstarter campaign without any knowledge at all in crowdfunding. John is the co-founder of Orion4Sight, the sunglasses on steroids startup that raised over a quarter of a million via crowdfunding with strong copywriting and direct marketing mantras and a bit of determination. Their story should serve to inspire all young and old to make amazing things happen.

The Orion4Sight Campaign

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How to use copywriting and sales techniques to strengthen crowdfunding campaigns
  • Why you need to grab backers attention with your thumbnail
  • The reason to take a chance on crowdfunding
  • How mystery and military make a product exciting
  • The way to pivot products to different markets
  • Why Amazon might be an interesting ecommerce platform to build on
  • How to take advantage of Kickstarter success in post-Kickstarter business growth

Success Quote

“If you will do what others won’t then you will have what others don’t.”


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