Coming straight out of Harvard, Luke Leafgreen is the passion woodworker and academically inclined entrepreneur behind StandStand, the world’s simplest and most cost effective way of riding the standing desk wave. Tune in to discover how little lessons and small pushes propel big change in the world and what the future holds for education and entrepreneurship.

The StandStand Campaign

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Why a traditional education is still relevant in today’s society
  • How to build a business on the side while still keeping your job
  • Why scratching your own itch is an awesome way to build a business
  • The importance of simplicity in design
  • How to create a high quality, low price product
  • Why it is important to understand the manufacturing process as an entrepreneur

Success Quote

“Do what works – that’s something I am always trying to figure out, keeping my eyes open for what’s working in my life, what’s not working in my life and then trying to fix it if it’s not gone right.”


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