Transform your Kickstarter Campaign with Google Analytics

Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects, connects creators with backers who pledge money to join the creators in bringing their projects to fruition. But in order to be successful, campaign creators must know where their visitors are coming from and have reliable, accurate data on all external traffic.

Analytics Capabilities

In April 2015, Kickstarter integrated Google Analytics, a free service that allows anyone to monitor and create reports of traffic to their website – or in this instance, to their Kickstarter campaign. This service features charts that show visitor information, custom alerts and reports, bounce rates and real-time statistics.

Google Analytics can be integrated with AdWords, Website Optimizer, Webmaster Tools and other services. Plus, it can be used to determine which search terms customers are using to find you, as well as to monitor your Kickstarter campaign’s conversion rates.

Why Data is Important

This information can prove invaluable to any Kickstarter campaign. Understanding your audience can greatly impact your message and help you turn viewers into backers. You will see where they came from, how long they viewed your campaign, and if and when they backed your project.

With the right data, you can opt to rework your content, adjust your graphics and/or photos or tailor your message to the specific people you want to back your project. You’ll discover which tweet or Facebook post was most effective in driving pledges or whether you should create a YouTube video or Instagram ad to increase views.

Analytics Setup

At first, integrating Google Analytics may sound overwhelming, but truthfully it is a relatively painless procedure. You can begin by signing up here. Enter your website name and URL (your Kickstarter campaign link), and a few other details, then click “get tracking ID.” Paste the ID into your Kickstarter page.

Depending on where you are in the process, you may need to enter your Google Analytics ID at the bottom of the “About You” tab on your Kickstarter page. Complete a few additional steps, and you are all set.

To track conversions and page views, find the “Admin” settings in Google Analytics, select “E-commerce Settings,” and turn them on. If you also want to track the links your visitors are coming from, Google’s customer URL builder can be found here. Google provides short tutorial videos, good instructions and a help forum to walk you through the whole process.

Data Review

Once you start receiving pledges from the various links you have distributed, go to the “Reporting” tab in Google Analytics. On the left sidebar, choose “conversions-e-commerce-overview.” There, you will be able to see where your pledges are coming from. Plus, you will also want to check out the “real-time” view, which shows how many potential backers are currently on your Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter has made it easy for creators to benefit from all Google Analytics offers. It is relatively simple, and it is completely free. But most importantly, it is crucial to your Kickstarter campaign’s success.

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