Scott Voelker, the Amazing Seller joins Art of the Kickstart today to share his success story sourcing and selling private label products via Amazon FBA(for more on this, see this post). During the interview Scott, a past life internet marketer turned private label product convert shares his story and strategies he’s used to a grow exponentially over 6 months in business and tactics crowdfunders or physical product entrepreneurs can use to leverage Amazon as a sales channel for success.

Ps. This was recorded on same day as Seth so the echo issue is still here, sorry. New episodes will not be like this but content is golden.

Amazing Amazon Insights from Scott:

  • Why family can be a driving force behind a successful entrepreneur
  • The progression of entrepreneurship and building new businesses
  • What it is private labeling and how does it work
  • Retail arbitrage and how big businesses discounts work for online sales
  • How to create your own brand and build a customer base
  • Why competing on price is a surefire strategy to failure
  • The evolution of ecommerce, online business and Amazon
  • How Amazon allows you to track customer demand and competition to plan products
  • The importance of customer service in long term sales and testimonials
  • Strategies to automate Amazon success
  • Why building business upon an existing channel speeds the sales and testing

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