Let this be told as the tale of two tales.

In our first fictitious story Joe decides it is time for an upgrade. He has had an amazing year, gotten a big time bonus and is looking to sell his old desk for a much nicer model. In his hurry to move the merchandise and make room for an awesome new workspace he pops his prize up on Craigslist and let’s the internet accelerate his sales process. In the end Joe joins his buyer, pockets his cash and purchases a brand new desk to decorate his office. We all live happily ever after.

But wait.

Let’s rewind the story and see this age old issue in a new light.

In our second story Joe is also looking to get an amazing new desk. The only issue…family. This ornately crafted piece of handiwork has been in Joe’s family for five generations. The desk is a mainstay item his ancestors have worked at over the years and means a great deal to him. He grew up building forts around this antique wonder and as an adult he feels uncomfortable selling such a strong part of himself. But he needs to downsize to make space for his new family. Still though…it is hard to part with his heirloom of awesomeness…

For which would you pay more?

A simple story is all that stands between these two antiques. Yet everyone unconsciously wants our second story.

Doubt this? The proof is in the past. Experiments constantly confirm this most basic of human emotions.

Amazing stories sell. Keep this always in mind.