Today we’re talking China sourcing, manufacturing and building business designed to dominate retails sales. Platform88 founders and product production specialists Jacob Rothman and Jason Wong join Art of the Kickstart to share their experience working with brands, big and small, to bring physical products into retail chains around the world. The interview’s incredibly helpful for Kickstarter creators looking to scale and grow quickly and is a must for any considering manufacturing abroad.

Product Creation and Manufacturing Insights

  • Why understanding China from afar is incredibly challenging
  • The two types of Kickstarters and the challenges for each
  • Manufacturing in the US vs finding factories in China
  • Retail arbitrage and how big businesses discounts work for online sales
  • How hard it is to use Alibaba and what to look for in a manufacturer.
  • Understanding business models and retail margins
  • The extra challenges startups miss on retail sales
  • How to choose the best business model for your startup
  • The consolidation of retail and what it means for entrepreneurs
  • How to manage supply chains and scaling a startup’s manufacturing
  • Why design for manufacturing MUST be done directly with your factory
  • The value of getting your feet wet with visiting China factories

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