Must-Have Elements of a Crowdfunding Landing Page

A good landing page is a critical piece of a successful crowdfunding project. This needs to be in place well before a campaign goes live so that you have plenty of time to collect leads. These leads are who you’ll reach out to as soon as your campaign goes live, in hopes of getting backers right away. Read on for tips for making sure your landing page has all the elements it needs!

A Compelling Headline

Successful landing pages have clear, compelling headlines that explain exactly what the product is or does. This headline is your “first impression,” so it should explain the exact benefit to the user in simple and straightforward language. It doesn’t have to explain all of the features of the product, as there is room for this elsewhere on the page, but it should quickly highlight your product’s primary features.

Supporting Information

In addition to the headline, your landing page should include enough supporting information to thoroughly explain the product. The specific type of information needed varies depending on the product, but consider highlighting the product’s features and/or benefits.

Take care not to offer too much information here. Your goal should be to offer just enough to entice the reader, but not so much as to lose their attention. After all, your goal with a good landing page should be to direct the user to the signup box for email address collection.

Signup Box For Collecting Email Addresses

This piece of your landing page is arguably the most important, as it’s how you collect leads. You’ll need to collect these leads as you gear up for your campaign, so that on day one you have a large pool of people already interested in your project who can back it right away. Make sure the signup box includes a clear call to action – try to use something along the lines of “Sign Me Up!”

Because collecting email leads is so important, this signup area should be the primary design element. Make sure it stands out on the page, and is located above the fold. If a viewer sees nothing else on your page, they should see this signup box – and hopefully enter their email address!


Unfortunately, simply asking for email addresses isn’t usually enough to get the conversion rate you need and collect enough email addresses from your visitors. For this reason, you need some sort of “promise” to incentivize people to sign up. Ideally, you can give away one of your products, and have users sign up to be entered to win. If you are going this route, make sure your call to action is “Enter to Win” or something similar. If you don’t have product to give away, lure users in with the promise of added savings. Just make sure you follow through with this by including “early bird” perks or rewards, and emailing your leads as soon as you launch so they can have first dibs.


If you’ve included all of the elements mentioned thus far, anyone who visits your site should have a clear idea of what your product is. However, including high-quality images is how you can take your landing page from good to great. Make sure your product is shown clearly. Lifestyle photos can be especially helpful here because they show off both your product and the benefits to users.

Once you have your headline, supporting content, email signup box with an incentive, and images finalized, you’re well on your way to a successful landing page – and a successful campaign. Then you can focus on the finishing touches – design, branding, and including other content such as links to your social networks. For more tips for landing pages and collecting leads prior to launch, tune in to our podcast.

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Roy Morejon

Roy Morejon is the President of Enventys Partners, a leading product development, crowdfunding and ecommerce marketing agency in Charlotte, North Carolina, in charge of digital marketing strategy, client services, and agency growth.

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  • Something we learned was that simple is better, any time we added a layer of complexity or option to go else where conversions reduced. Simple for a pre-launch page is best – during the campaign we tested and found a few blog options and link to the campaign page was key and improved conversions.

    Hope that helps a little

    Andy of Oomph Coffee

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