2016 was a big year for rewards crowdfunding! The year brought us the Fidget Cube on Kickstarter, the KAISR on Indiegogo and many more great new products.

We compiled some of the most interesting rewards crowdfunding stats and figures from 2016 into the infographic below. Some fun highlights from last year include…

  • The United States had the most funded projects at 15,515 campaigns, and also raised the most money at $549,620,638.
  • Around 350 new projects launch each day, while 68 projects fund every day.
  • The average amount raised by each fully-funded project was $31,119 and the average amount pledged by each backer was $94.
  • $804 million was raised by all fully-funded and flexible-funded projects.

Take a look below to get a better feel for what rewards-based crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other platforms looked like in 2016! Have further questions? Get in touch today.