Communicating With Backers After a Campaign Has Ended

Crowdfunding gives people the chance to become a part of a brand’s story. This unique relationship doesn’t have to stop once a campaign is fully funded. In fact, crowdfunding is only the beginning of what could become a lifelong commitment to a brand. The key is to keep building on this relationship, starting right after the end of the crowdfunding campaign.

Communicating with backers is no longer about raising money once your campaign ends. New communication goals should be determined by where you want to take your new business venture.

Manufacturing and Shipping

Updating your backers throughout the manufacturing and shipping process keeps the excitement going. Showing photos and videos of the different steps of the product being made are great for building trust in backers. Don’t hesitate to get technical – your backers are going to love learning more about the product as it is being made. Completing each step of the production process is a small victory that you should celebrate with the people who supported your vision.

You will probably run into setbacks and make mistakes, but keep backers in the know regarding delays. Provide frequent updates about when you expect to start shipping your products. Share these with your backers, but remember to always focus on the positive side, such as how you overcame difficulties. And of course, don’t forget to thank your backers as often as possible. This is how you will tap into their emotional side and build a strong relationship with your audience.

Communication Goes Both Ways

If you don’t already have one, create an email address where backers can contact you with questions and concerns. Make sure you are checking this email often, responding to questions frequently and transparently.

You should also use social media to share updates and interact with backers. Social media is a great way to share photos and videos showing your product being made, and backers will be able to share their own content once they receive their product or reward.

How Often Should You Communicate?

You should share an update with backers every time you reach a milestone. This includes finishing a step in the production process, shipping the products, making changes to your plans, etc. Shipping will be the most exciting aspect of your post-campaign communications, so make sure you provide plenty of updates about getting products ready for shipping and when backers should expect to receive their order. If there is a delay, update your backers every time you have new information. Your backers will start worrying if they know there is a delay but don’t get frequent updates.

You should also keep backers up-to-date with the next step in your business venture. Make them feel like they are part of your adventure by sharing updates about PR tours, conferences, conventions and the next project you are working on.

Try to share an update with your mailing list at least once a month, but don’t hesitate to post more frequently on social media. If something is relevant to a small number of backers, use personal communications instead of a mass email. This is also your chance to engage your audience and build brand loyalty.

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