Today’s product design team is taking the ancient art of wineskins and bringing this classic invention forward into the modern era. Tom Willis, founder and entrepreneur behind Zahota shares the struggles of bringing a product to market, how Kickstarter companies can have issues with marketing and ways to create a killer company around conversing with backers and the crowdfunding community.

The Zahota Kickstarter Campaign

Zahota Kickstarter Stats

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How to improve upon ancient products and technologies
  • Ways to figure out if products are worth creating
  • Using passion to create a kind of cool company
  • The reason Kickstarter can act as your market validation
  • How to get your products in front of mainstream consumers
  • Overcoming inventor syndrome and why marketing is critical
  • Why you need to be thoughtful about target markets before Kickstarter
  • How to avoid playing catch up on a Kickstarter campaign
  • The challenges of finding an amazing co-founder
  • How long it takes to bring a product to market
  • When to start outsourcing prototype development
  • What happens if you fail your Kickstarter campaign

Success Quotes

  • “Am I using my time in the most effective way?”


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