What Makes a Good Crowdfunding Campaign Page?

While the sheer size of platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo allows your campaign to get exposure, it also means you have to work extra hard to get noticed. Here are a few pointers that will help you create a convincing campaign page and avoid getting lost in the crowd on these platforms.

Tell your story

Tell people what your project is, how it works and why it is different from what they can get elsewhere. Use images to showcase your design or show the product in action. Tell potential funders why your product is a game-changer, and make them want to find out more from the very beginning.

Further down the page, share additional details by listing features and specs. Stick to the facts with the specs, and use the features section to tell people about the problems your product solves. Take a look at similar campaigns for inspiration if you’re struggling to write product descriptions for your campaign.

Make your pitch

Show how your new product has helped people just like your readers by including testimonials and case studies. A good testimonial should introduce an issue and show how your product or service saved the day.

Additionally, include specific details of your rewards or perks. While lower prices might entice some early birds to contribute to your campaign, adding bonus colors or variations as stretch goals to be unlocked at specific campaign levels may drive contributions later on.

Reveal your strategy for success

Create a detailed project timeline to show how much work you have already put into this project, what your next step is and how soon you expect to deliver on the campaign. Let people know when production is expected to start, and do not forget to update your timeline after the campaign has ended.

Furthermore, give people the chance to get to know you better by adding a Meet the Team section. This is where you can talk about your company culture, show where the energy behind the project is coming from and give your project some added credibility. Be sure to include some headshots or  pictures of your team at work!

Ask for buzz, but manage risk

Ask readers to share your campaign on their social media accounts. People are likely to share a campaign they helped fund or to draw attention to a project they find fun and original.

At the bottom of the page, show people you are aware of the risks in the mandatory Risks and Challenges section on Kickstarter. This gives you a chance to show potential backers that you are aware of these risks and have already developed solutions to address them.

Additional resources

A good campaign should include a healthy mix of good copy and attractive graphics. Check out this Kickstarter campaign for a wine glass with a unique feature. Note how you can get an idea of why this product is different, what it does and what you will get for funding the campaign just by scrolling.

The Kickstarter creator handbook also provides great information on a variety of topics, such as how to develop your rewards program, how to communicate with your backers and how to present and promote your innovation. This is a good resource whether you’re launching on Kickstarter or Indiegogo!

Let’s make good things happen!

Kickstarter and Indiegogo give you a chance to present your project, but it is up to you to convince people that they need your product and that you have what it takes to complete the project. Looking for more crowdfunding advice? Subscribe to our newsletter for more tips on creating a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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