What is Gadget Flow?

Gadget Flow is an online platform that helps subscribers discover gifts and gadgets they will enjoy by providing a curated list of cutting edge products. On the flipside, Gadget Flow also brings more publicity and visibility to creators- getting their product in front of more eyes in order to boost sales. With almost 6.5 million visits a month and more than 55,000 daily email subscribers, Gadget Flow is an easy way to get a product seen by a different audience.

Benefits of Using Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow isn’t just a marketplace for products already on the market, it is great for crowdfunding as well. The success of crowdfunding projects is heavily dependent on bringing new eyes to the campaign, and with Gadget Flow’s large list of subscribers, it can be easier to get those new visitors to your page by listing your product on the platform. On top of being featured on Gadget Flow’s website, they’ll mention your product on all 10+ of their social media accounts using direct promotion, meaning they will drive traffic directly to your site rather than Gadget Flow page.

Other benefits of teaming up with Gadget Flow include a 7-day feature on their homepage, a 15-day homepage slider, a blog review, a video showcase, and an email blast to subscribers. You will also receive a detailed performance report after 10 days letting you know all listing views, “Buy Now” clicks, traffic sources and links from all the promotional activity. All of the features of Gadget Flow put your product in front of an endless amount of potential backers.

Successful Track Record of Promoting Kickstarter and Indiegogo Projects

With all the benefits that Gadget Flow can provide to your crowdfunding campaign, it is no coincidence that they have worked with some of the top grossing crowdfunding campaigns. For example, both KAISR Original: The Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge, who raised over $4.1 million, and Trunkster Luggage, who raised over $1.5 million, used Gadget Flow as part of their promotion strategy. In fact, KAISR was able to bring in an additional $44,000 to their crowdfunding campaign using Gadget Flow. These projects are not only innovative, but they also took advantage of using a great service like Gadget Flow to get more visitors to their project page, and went on to be very successful.

We recommend all crowdfunding creators use Gadget Flow because getting enough eyes on your project is important to make it successful. Working with Gadget Flow provides endless benefits to its users and could be the key to getting funded.

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