Welcome back to Art of the Kickstart – Crowdfunding Case Studies. Today mice and money are the topic of discussion as we breakdown Kickstarter funding strategies, ways to make campaigns stand out and the all important cuteness factor associated with viral startup success. I couldn’t think of a good cat pun off the top of my head but I’d b e kitten if I told you I didn’t try 🙂

The Question of the Day!

“Should I base my Kickstarter campaign in my local currency or in US dollars?” Daniel from The Netherlands

Mousr: The robotic mouse that plays with your cat

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In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • What you should do for Kickstarter currency choices
  • Challenges of crowdfunding campaigns based in Europe
  • Why cute videos succeed
  • The kitten effect of internet virality
  • Why you need videos of users to kill it on Kickstarter
  • How robotics are revolutionizing the toy industry
  • Ways to make your specs exciting
  • The importance product themed rewards
  • How to take advantage of a call to action

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