Happy New Year’s guys. It’s time to get back to Kickstarter Hacks! Today we cover strategies on unique selling propositions and positioning your products to appeal to parents, how to get backers more invested in the success of your startup and why features that feel amazing is a powerful copywriting tactic to pull backers and buyers into your campaign.

Polyes Q1 – The Safest, Cool-Ink 3D Pen

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The Question of the Day!

“What do you do when raising money abroad when it comes to international shipping.” -Luke frm Michigan

  • How to turn a disadvantage into a strength
  • Why music can put buyers in the mood to purchase
  • How to successfully sell safety as the entire focus of the campaign
  • The value of a unique selling proposition
  • Why features that feel and help are infinitely important
  • The reason creativity can crush it on Kickstarter
  • Why seasonal selections can make campaigns more awesome
  • How to turn backers into startup members of your team
  • The reason personality and team focus help you fund
  • Why you shouldn’t be overly spec focused
  • Why you should never create Kickstarter shirts

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