The Art of the Kickstart inventor series continues today with Kickstarter creator Brandon Dierker and the product that’s transforming the way we iron our clothes. In the show we talk challenges of entrepreneurship, why business plans are important and ways to push forward in the face of startup adversity.

The Collar Perfect Kickstarter Campaign

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • The challenges of sharing ideas with friends and family
  • Why you need to get around other entrepreneurs to be successful
  • What it takes to really create a product and plan the finances
  • The way to go about intellectual property
  • How to figure out product pricing strategy
  • Why you need to talk to other small business owners to learn through their mistakes
  • The struggles of manufacturing and how to find great partnerships
  • How to make a high quality Kickstarter video on a budget
  • Why you need to take advantage of social media for your crowdfunding campaign

Success Quotes

“Never give up.”


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