If your New Year’s resolution involves getting healthier, you’ll especially appreciate this episode of Art of the Kickstart. Isaac Lavi and his killer team have created a cup that tricks your brain into thinking plain water tastes great. Learn more about how they brought this incredible project to life on Indiegogo.

The Right Cup: Trick Your Brain, Drink More Water!

Success Quote

“When I hear the word ‘impossible,’ I hear ‘I am possible.’” “I’m thankful for all who said no to me, it’s because of them I did it myself.” – Albert Einstein

Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How a diabetes diagnosis lead to a “flavored” cup
  • How to build your team before a crowdfunding project
  • Using crowdfunding to validate a concept
  • Using crowdfunding to get media coverage when you launch a new product
  • How corporations will use crowdfunding in the future
  • How to set up your campaign to make your job easy once it goes live
  • How PR agencies can make your campaign run smoothly
  • What happens as a big campaign comes to a close
  • Why it’s important to take risks
  • How a scented cup is making the world better


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