Amazing products DO NOT sell themselves…here’s the proof. Today’s Kickstarter Hack looks at what happens when perfect products are paired with poor salesmanship and marketing and is critical for creators to study to avoid failure. It’s harsh but constructive criticism, learn from the mistakes of others and launch your Kickstarter with a bang.

NEOH : the first smart 3D audio headphones

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Kickstarter Hacks Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • Why playing off popular entertainment icons occasionally fails
  • How seriousness and silly acting can create non-buying behavior among backers
  • Why trying TOO hard creates an AWKWARD, unperforming Kickstarter campaign
  • How poor product photography can hold incredible technology from success
  • The reason authenticity trumps acting every time
  • How too much tech info creates a boring, bland crowdfunding campaign
  • The reason wordy is all that effective in copywriting and Kickstarters
  • Why personality and passion are critical in a campaign and what happens when it’s mocked
  • How to create a killer FAQ section to convert backers better
  • Why timelines truly tell the story of the startup

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