Imagine grabbing a portable drink container that you never have to worry about spilling or finding the right button or angle to use. Fredrik Krafft has developed a smart bottle that does all the work so you don’t even have to think about it! In our conversation, Fredrik opens up about how he came up with the idea for the Lyd Bottle, what the pre-campaign work was like, how he engaged with his backers, the benefit of using Kickstarter Live and so much more. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from Fredrik’s journey with the Lyd Bottle!

What is the Lyd Bottle?

There are so many great portable beverage containers on the market today, how do you choose which one is right for you? Do you need a container that will keep your beverage hot all day? Do you need a container that is convenient to carry? Or do you just want something that makes sense? As so many products flood the marketplace, the ones that stand out are those help users cut through all the complexity and get down to the basics: is it easy to use? When it comes to the Lyd Bottle, the answer is a resounding, yes! The Lyd Bottle is the only beverage bottle designed with 360-degree, touch-activated access that lets beverages flow the moment the bottle touches your lips. Don’t ever worry about buttons, tabs or finding the right position ever again!

Take your time laying the foundation!

Many startup entrepreneurs get so excited about bringing their product to market that they fail to build a solid foundation for their product to succeed. From market research to audience engagement, it’s vital that startups take the time to not only perfect their product but make sure their marketing approach connects. Learning from the success and failures of others, Fredrik took the time to connect with partners who could help him bring the Lyd Bottle to market in the best way possible. To learn more about Fredrik’s story and how he was able to get the Lyd Bottle in the best position for success, make sure to listen to this episode!

Engaging with backers and learning along the way.

Let’s face it, a startup product succeeds or fails largely based on the way that the brand treats their backers. While many startup entrepreneurs go into the process with the intention of staying connected to their backers and keeping them updated, the truth is, many fail to do so. Fredrik and his team did their best to learn and adapt their engagement strategy along the way. When they noticed their response time slipping, they worked hard to address that, then found ways to proactively engage with their audience by developing answers to many common FAQs. What can you learn from Fredrik’s journey?

Leverage your network.

At the end of the day, launching a crowdfunded product isn’t for the faint of heart. What steps can an entrepreneur take to build a community early and get their product off the ground and headed for a strong start? According to Fredrik Krafft, it all comes down to leveraging your circle of friends and family to fan the flames of the project from the start! If you believe in your product, then do what you can to spread that excitement to your friends and friends, as they could end up being some of your best cheerleaders and financial backers!

Key Takeaways

  • [1:05] Fredrik Krafft joins the podcast to talk about his product, Lyd.
  • [3:00] What was the preparation work like for Fredrik before he launched his product?
  • [8:00] Fredrik talks about engaging with backers and how that evolved.
  • [10:40] The benefit of utilizing Kickstarter Live.  
  • [12:30] Fredrik shares his biggest takeaways and lessons learned.
  • [15:00] Why it’s important to have friends and family support your venture.
  • [16:10] Fredrik enters the Launch Round, rapid-fire questions.
  • [19:20] How to connect with Fredrik and Lyd.


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