University students supercharge a revolutionary, eco-friendly water cooker and raise a ridiculous 7 figures via Kickstarter – here’s how they did it! Miito’s making waves with media, exposure and mistakes while fighting to transform age-old customer habits, the paradox of innovation unfolds.

The Miito Kickstarter Campaign

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Success Quote

“Make mistakes and make mistakes fast.”

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Key Crowdfunding Takeaways

  • How much media is right and is early exposure good?
  • Why if it works, just roll with it is critical to entrepreneurship
  • What goes into product innovation and brainstorming?
  • How to progress from a massive Kickstarter to a more mature business model
  • Changing from a college engineering project to large scale tech startup
  • The challenge of changing human behavior
  • Why patents and intellectual property are important
  • The raw value of advisers and business experts helping out
  • How future focus is hard with here and now business succcess
  • The value in constant product development



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