Turn a Kickstarter company into an incredible story that sells itself and practically pulls backers into the journey. Today storyteller Michael Margolis breaks down the keys to brand domination and building a business consumers can’t get enough of…prepare to become Steve Jobs – maybe…???

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“We teach what we most need to learn.”

Key Business Takeaways

  • Why you need inciting incidents to galvanize the tale of team
  • How passion and purpose balance into business and life
  • How to turn a product business into a beautiful story customers connect with
  • The reasons consumers connect with brand stories
  • Ways to take advantage of unique skills and family fun for professional prowess
  • Why you’ve got to have a vision to create a story worth telling
  • How having history makes products seem more real and valuable
  • Why engaging stories elevate the value of a product
  • Strategies to increase the perceived value of a product
  • The power of pedigree in long term business growth
  • The reason stories grow and evolve every time it’s told
  • Why your story is 100% about your audience
  • Why undeniable stories are about making the product understandable
  • How to overcome doubts and fears about being in the limelight
  • Why being a disruptor isn’t all good
  • How to build a brand team and co-founder


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