Hey there crowdfunders, there’s an update to the podcast. We’ve change the name. Art of the Kickstart – Kickstarter Hacks. Crowdfunding Cheats. That is what it’s all about. Today we’re jumping into listener questions on Kickstarter videos and ways to effectively convey your story and startup to backers and buyers of crowdfunding.


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The Question of the Day!

“As the founder of my company I am scared to go on camera for our Kickstarter video. Do I have to?” -Jennifer in Kansas

In This Particular Episode of Crowdfunding Case Studies We Cover

  • How to effectively succeed as an inventor on camera
  • Ways to make your product standout with poor video quality
  • Why follow up crowdfunding campaigns are so successful
  • How to use music and mood to make the sale
  • Why simple infographics are always ideal
  • The power of mystery rewards in motivating backers
  • Ways to tell a story in your startup pitch
  • Why showcasing product uses is useful in Kickstarter campaigns
  • How videos gifs grab customers attention
  • Why some hardware startups should also build software
  • How telling your story sells the company as a whole

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