Today we’re taking business and startup success to the next level when Dan Andrews of the TropicalMBA drops some serious insight on what it takes to build a million dollar product business and how find success sourcing and manufacturing products.

Key Business Takeaways

  • Why you need to leverage your own business talents
  • How passion and purpose balance into business and life
  • How to find a balance in your startup
  • The reasons work/life balance isn’t real
  • What happens starting two businesses simultaneously
  • Why you’ve got to make massive risks to build a business
  • How having multiple startups can save your company from failure
  • How to turn lifetime value into long term business success
  • The difference between B2B and B2C startups and how to succeed
  • Why you should sell your product for way more than you expect
  • Sourcing strategies and the best ways to find manufacturers
  • The reason getting your hands dirty is critical to a successful product
  • How long it takes once your prototypes are ready to get a product perfected for Kickstarter
  • Why sourcing products is hard and why you must take responsibility for the product
  • Growing and scaling a business post-Kickstarter
  • Why retail isn’t a good experience for entrepreneurs
  • How to build a brand team and co-founder



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