These days, it doesn’t really matter what type of website you’re working on – you can’t ignore SEO, and this extends to crowdfunding too. As you’re preparing to launch a campaign, it’s important to think about SEO for both your website and your campaign page.

Below we’ve outlined some things creators need to keep in mind regarding SEO as they get ready to launch.

Make Sure Your Website is Optimized

Don’t wait until your project is live to start planning your website- your focus will be maintaining your campaign with getting press hits, responding to backers, planning stretch goals and getting ready for production. Then, once your project ends, you will need to jump straight into production and fulfillment in order to deliver your product on time.

Make sure you have a good website before you ever launch. It doesn’t have to be a complex site complete with ecommerce, however, you should have a well-designed, functional website. Consider what keywords you’re using on your site and in your meta data, what value you’re providing to visitors, what action they tend to take on your site versus what action you want them to take, and more.

If you’re still unsure of where to start, check out this blog post we wrote about what makes a perfect landing page.

Make Sure Your Campaign Page is Optimized

SEO on your campaign page is just as important as your website and you’ll want to pay special attention to keywords here. For example, if your project is for wireless earbuds, you should use the words/phrases “earbuds,” “wireless earbuds” and “Bluetooth earbuds” (if applicable) throughout the entire page. However, don’t forget about similar keywords, such as  “headphones” or “earphones.” You’ll want to combine these keywords with adjectives people are likely to use when searching for earbuds – for example, “best earbuds,” “custom earbuds,” “high-quality earbuds” and other similar phrases.

Pay close attention to how you’re using these phrases in your titles and subtitles, as well as your URL and image file names/alt texts. Your copy should use keywords but still flow in a way that makes sense and doesn’t look spammy.

Images and graphics are an important piece of a campaign- they make it easier to understand. However, as you’re writing copy, be aware that graphics and images are not crawlable, so keywords placed in them will not help improve your rank.  It’s important to find a balance – don’t get too wordy, but make sure keywords are included in the page copy.

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