Today’s an interesting one. See, you guys deserve better. Roy Morejon and Command Partners are the top crowdfunding company and they’re looking to help MORE crowdfunders and startups succeed – via consulting and powering the podcast.

Today I interview Roy, my successor for Art of the Kickstart, someone I look up to as a both a crowdfunder and entrepreneur. We dive into the future of crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, Art of the Kickstart and what it means to build a business in today’s world. I’m excited about where the podcast is headed as I’ve seen the tens of millions Roy and his team have helped and think this is best for inventors and innovators out there looking to succeed.

Commanding Crowdfunding Success

  • The crazy excitement behind Art of the Kickstart – I’m leaving to make it better for you guys!
  • Why press powers crowdfunding and Command Partners evolution
  • The future of crowdfunding and why IGG will win!
  • How SEO and social media help starts grow
  • Why picking crowdfunding winners isn’t always easy
  • The power of early adopters
  • How to overcome marketing woes
  • Roy’s story of Bunch O’ Balloons
  • The excitement of licensing and success
  • Why crowdfunding is still SO EARLY
  • Common mistakes crowdfunders make
  • How founders can scale success during campaigns
  • Why EVERY startup is different and needs post-Kickstarter planning
  • The power of Indiegogo post-funding
  • Why foreign startups are starting to launch with crowdfunding
  • The importance of timing in sales
  • What founders and friendliness does to business growth
  • Speeding the lean startup concept
  • Why equity crowdfunding is catapulting crowdfunding further faster

Why I Love Command Partners

Quote of the Day

“Why are you an entrepreneur?”

“Because I didn’t want to wear a tie”


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